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Below is a collection of games made exclusively with javascript. Most of them run on Beehive I,

click click # BlobDrop

BlobDrop I made this game for my sister, who got addicted to the (or "a") PDA version of this game. Usually I really hate these games, since I'm colorblind and they often rely on colors only, but the PDA also had a mode with shapes instead of colors, which obviously worked better for me.

pacman's revenge # Pacman5K

Pacman5K This game was created for the Gathering of Tweakers Dhtml contest 2004. The rules were simple this time: "anything below 5120 bytes", and the result was this game :) Pacman, 25 levels, level editor included. The only thing to note when making your own level is to only put portals on the edges of the map, and to make sure there's a walkable tile on the opposite side.

a tetris like game # Rotatrix

Rotatrix This game was created for the Gathering of Tweakers Dhtml contest 2003. It's Inspired on Tetris, but to make things more interesting it features powerups, both good and bad ones. The main idea is rotation, hence the name.

When you complete a line, all the powerups within it are activated. The orange powerups are usable powerups that stack to the left, they can be used manually to reset rotation, slow down the gamespeed, or clear a line at the bottom. Note that this game contains a few flaws due to the fairly simple collision handling.

a space oddyssee # Sojourn

Sojourn Sojourn is a top down space scroller. You are the hero, and an army of enemies and aliens is about to swarm over you. Step into you spaceship, and blast them out of the sky. This game features heaps of levels and enemy types, as well as a store where you can upgrade your ship using the credits you aquired shooting scum. Use the arrow keys to move your ship around, and use Z to fire. Holding fire down will keep you firing until your energy is depleted.

platform mayhem # Operation 043

Operation 043 The year is 2031. De battle between good and evil is worse than ever, and you have been selected as an elite unit in a one man team to deliver the final blow, and in doing so for once and always to restore world peace. You have not been chosen because you're the best of the best, nor because loads of people would trust you with their lives. The contrary, you are expendable. Walk around using the arrow keys. fire with Z, and operate levers and pick stuff up with X.

race demo # Pudracer

Pudracer This racing game is more like a demo. There's one level, and no way to win, but racing against the other racers does have its charm. Maybe there will be a more complete version of this racing game some day, who knows.

2 player game # Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth This small game is pretty simple. Find a friend, and start it up. You just point and click in the aiming area centered above the terrain. The angle and distance to the displayed tank in the aiming area's center mark firing angle and power.

munch munch # Pacman

Pacman A classic concept. Just move around the fields avoiding the ghosts. Eat all the special pills and you'll be able to eat the ghost too, for a short time though, so be fast.