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The scripting section contains the games and examples that were featured on the previous sites also. The 3D section is more recent, and showcases a few demos that run on a canvas based 3D engine in (obviously) javascript.

blogpost series # Javascript and Accessibility

It's amazing how many things javascript can do for your site or web-application. However, keeping accessibility in mind while adding a script or two is not always easy. I've started out with a series of posts on javascript and accessibility over at my weblog. The current subjects are:

snippets # Miscellaneous javascript

Every now and then I make small testcases for various purposes. Below is a (currently short) list of them:

about scripting and objects # Dutch Javascript Tutorial

On a dutch forum I frequently visit the idea came up to make a (Dutch) tutorial on object based scripting. It's divided into three sections; The first is about the general idea. The second section is about inheritance, and the last about maniplating the scope to your own use.

dom library # Beehive II

NOTE (feb 1 2005): Beehive II is not going to be finished because I no longer believe in its concept. I'm keeping the beta online for the time being, because it does contain some nice ideas and snippets that the occasional visitor might be interested in to take a peek at.

Beehive II is a DOM library that enables you to create complex scripts without having to think too much about the dhtml part of your script. It provides a simplified way to create html elements, manage events, etc. The intended use is mostly for heavy duty scripts with lots of action. A regular website probably won't need Beehive II, but creating games and other interactive scripts is a lot easier.

standalone scrollbar # Dhtml Scrollbar II

Although Beehive II is pretty small in filesize, it still is a sort of overkill to use it for only a scrollbar. Since Beehive I is no longer available from this site, and the included scrollbar was really about the only reason for people to download it, I decided to make this standalone scrollbar script.

Since it is DOM only, any modern browser is supported. A full list of features and other specs does not yet exist, but will be available in the readme that comes with the zip. Please consider the pros and cons carefully before using this script.

validation made easy # Form validator

This form validator script is a low level "if then else" language that runs in javascript. It enables you to set "rules" that disable and enable elements, check for various content types and more. The syntax is simple and easy to learn, the language itself is actually pretty powerful.

Although no version of this script has ever been published, it is actually at version 4.x. "Changes", if they could be called such, would be the removal of any public validating functions except for the rules function.