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scanned or computer graphics Sketching / CG

Drawing is a thing I've been doing as long as I can remember, mostly just pencil or ballpoint stuff because I'm colorblind, but cg opened a new "dimension" to me, and ever since I got myself a wacom I've been doing stuff in full color too.

  1. cg work, a kind of roboninja
  2. cg work, chick hero in skinsuit
  3. cg work, wolverine clone
  4. cg work, some guy holding up his fist
  5. cg work, some woman holding up her fist
  6. cg work, medieval bar/tavern scene
  7. cg work, an evil sorceres
  8. cg work, witchblade (with ref)

about scripting and objects OOjs Tutorial

On a dutch forum I frequently visit the idea came up to make a (Dutch) tutorial on object based scripting. It's divided into three sections; The first is about the general idea. The second section is about inheritance, and the last about maniplating the scope to your own use.