DHTML Examples

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Below is a collection of examples made exclusively with javascript.

crunching numbers # Sudoku solver

Sudoku solver Inspired by friends who were doing this with real programming languages, I decided to try my hand at a sudoku solver in javascript, capable of solving evil sudokus in a matter of seconds. It applies several different rules in a (currently) predefined strategy.

seemingly random # Running Lines

Running lines This examples features a couple of lines that "randomly" run over the screen. To accomplish this I use a 2D matrix thing to create a rotating skeleton, and added a trail to the ends of the arms.

instant 1337 designs # Design buddy

Running lines Make yourself a 1337 design in just 10 seconds! Lots of sites got these 45 degrees arrows and + marks and noisy effects. This thing enables you to draw just that. Drag your mouse to draw.

primitive ai # Bacteria

Running lines In this example there is an area where a few bacteria move around cluelessly. All they do is look at 1 other microbe, and change their own direction a tad towards that. Use the sliders to alter behavior.

a kind of dna # 3Dhtml

Running lines Can 3D be done in dhtml? or rather could Owen van Dijk and me do it, because it's been done endless times before us, but what the heck. This example is a dna string with some deco.

mouse sensitive # Blocks

Running lines This script displays a bunch of layers on a grid that react on your mousemovement. Hold the mouse still and the amplitude will drop to zero eventually. This script was inspired by a similar script I encountered on pupius

lots of layers # Stress test

Running lines this stress test opens a popup that will generate 1500 layers, in which "snakes" will start to run with a fading trail behind them. It takes a few seconds (3 or 4 on my system) for the script to generate all the layers. This demo uses Beehive II.