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About me

My name is Peter Nederlof and I live in a small town near Utrecht in Holland. At some point a couple of years ago I accidently bumped into webdevelopment, which then turned into a hobby, and from a hobby into a profession. At first I specialised pretty much only in javascript and heavy dhtml stuff, but at some point I started looking more closely at standards, xml, html and css.

When I was young my parents moved around a lot, and so I got to live in America for a year, and after that in Germany for about five years. Right now I live in Holland.

About this site

Somewhere in early '99 the first version of this site was born. The first one that really had a consistent subject (considered Peterned 1, although not named so at the time) dates back to somewhere in late 2000. From then on I started adding examples and games, slowly turning the site into what it is today.

Usually I redesign this site simply because I get borded with the design. Version 4 is unique in a sense, considering it lasted for more than a year (and in a way still does). Reason would dictate consistency, in design too, but since this still is (and probably will be for quite some time) a personal site, I don't have an urge to become too reasonable too soon. In other words, it is safe to expect more redesigns in the future ;-)

Unlike with the previous sites I think that I managed to get the markup right with this one. The designs of version 3 and 4 are available as alternate stylesheets. A scripted stylesheet chooser is also included on this site. Select a different layout in the styles section of the submenu. A cookie will be set to store your choice and re-apply it when you return.