Below you can check out scripts for both Beehive, and Beehive II. Beehive comes with a few default scripts, the dhtml scrollbar, and a vertically oriented menu script.

Beehive II is not yet available for download, but you can check out the demos to see it in action and download the beta.
Beehive II dom library
Where the original library only allows you to create absolutely positioned layers, Beehive II enables you to create ANY html element, be it absolutely positioned, or relatively. It's small in size, fast, and offers way more possibilities than Beehive I.

The eventual download will feature a few prefab scripts like the old beehive, the scrollbar is guaranteed to return, apart from that it'll be wait and see. The beta version is available for download. It features a few examples, along with some documentation explaining its basics.
Note that Beehive II is DOM only; older browsers are not supported. As far as I'm concerned, time has finally caught up with these outdated things.

Latest update: september 7th, 2003 - readme.txt
Validator form validation made easy
The single most boring, tedious and simply put "dumb" thing there is to do using javascript is form validation. "If this radio is checked that input must be disabled, and the one over there is required", this kind of stuff is just too easy to do using this script.

more about this soon...
Beehive dhtml library
The original Beehive is a dhtml library that enables you to create pretty complex scripts, that should work in Internet Explorer 4 and up, Netcape 4, Mozilla and Netscape6 and up. The download features a few prefab scripts, and the rest you'll have to make yourself. Its use it not documented, but the examples have commented source.
I consider Beehive done, meaning that there will be no more mayor updates or scripts for it. Only bugs will be fixed when encountered. All future scripts will be based on Beehive II

Final update: august 15th 2002 - readme.txt