W4NK3R language translator! - By Clay

This is a llama 1337 wanker slang language generator. Just type your message in the field below, choose your 1337ness, and click 'wank it!". Your text will be translated to the infamous llama w4nk3r language, and will be inserted in the lower field where you can copy it to paste it anywhere you like.
It does not matter which language you type, and it also doesn't matter which weird characters you use, since only the lower and upper case alphabet characters will be altered.

Your Input:

Choose how 1337 you are, and click "Go"

Generated Output:

I'm not responsible for anything you type in these fields. By using this wanker text generator you agree to that. This is my own wanking slang interpretation, not like there is an official one. There is no way to let this script translate a w4nk3r sentence back to normal.

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